Tips for buying in a rising market in Sydney

In a growing housing market, it might be tough to purchase. Here are our 4 Tips for Buying in a Rising Market to help you succeed.

So now in 2021, auction clearing rates have been consistently higher than in our 22 years as buyers agent Sydney.

Buyers are paying much more than most brokers expect, and new records are set every week.

Tips for buying in a rising market in Sydney

Trying to purchase in a rising market might be intimidating. However, time is of importance, and each week you delay or fail costs money affects your ideal property requirements or both!

1. Understand your target market

There’s a reason this is number one. Why? To take advantage of any chances and to know when to move away, you must have a thorough understanding of your market.

Visit as many open houses as possible in the months leading up to your purchase. Get to know your target suburb(s) by attending as many open houses as feasible. Speak with the buyers agent Sydney and inquire about their pricing guidelines. Click here to read more about byuers agents in Sydney.

Tips for buying in a rising market in Sydney

Assess the degree of interest by observing how many bids there are by visiting the auctions of as many of these properties as you can. Look for purchasers who are actively bidding as well as those who have registered but haven’t bid since they haven’t raised their hand (you can look for bidders’ cards in the hands of the crowd). 

Keep track of how competitive the bidding is and how much the item sells for. Compare this to the pricing list provided by the agency. When it comes to having to bid yourself at an auction, being familiar with the auction procedure can make you feel less nervous and more at ease.

Sign up for weekly auction results on and, and phone buyers agent Sydney for results that aren’t published. Remember to check the “sold” sections on these real estate websites as well. There’s a lot of useful information there.

2. Be prepared to go

Make certain you’re well-organized! In a hot market, it’s critical to act swiftly, and if you’re still ironing out the specifics, you’ll find yourself on the losing end.

Make sure your financing is authorized and you know what your maximum is, and don’t forget to include in any renovation charges. Engage your buyers agent Sydney well in advance and develop the mechanisms so that contract reviews and addressing any contract difficulties may be handled fast. you can read more about Why a Sydney buyers agent will give you a competitive edge in the home buying process by clicking here.

3. Make a proposal

Before the auction, don’t be scared to make an offer.

Make your offer as straightforward as possible. Request any contract adjustments that aren’t absolutely essential and ask the buyers agent Sydney if there is anything more you can do to make your offer more appealing to the vendor. This may be the desired settlement date, for example. Include this in your negotiations if it fits your situation. Your goal is to achieve a win-win situation.

Understanding the market is just as important as knowing your limit when making an offer.

Tips for buying in a rising market in Sydney

Make no ridiculously cheap offers, since this will irritate the buyers agent Sydney. Begin by bidding a bit less than you think the property will sell for on auction day, giving yourself the freedom to bargain upward to your desired finish point.

Remember that buying at a discount in a rising market is highly unusual. If you want in, you must be willing to pay a reasonable market price. Be kind to the buyers agent Sydney.

Finally, be kind to the buyers agent Sydney! A buyer who is nice to work with is considerably more likely to interact with an agency.

Don’t play games with the buyers agent Sydney and make it clear if you’re interested in the property. If another bidder makes a compelling offer, the buyers agent Sydney may need to contact additional potential buyers. If you’ve told him you’re not interested, you’re probably going to lose out on the chance to compete.

Top 5 Sydney Suburbs for Property Investments

The Hills Shire

Tips for buying in a rising market in Sydney

The Hills Shire, which is located northwest of Sydney’s CBD, is becoming more appealing to individuals looking to acquire an investment property in Sydney.

Not only will you discover reasonably priced houses and apartments in comparison to the CBD, but you’ll also find reasonable rent costs for homes and apartments in the region.

Furthermore, the Hills Shire Council has been very well-managed, with an $85 million surplus and debt-free operations since 2002. The Hills Shire Council is in great condition to maintain public amenities and create an appealing lifestyle for present and future inhabitants, with zero infrastructure backlogs.

Another interesting development is the installation of the new Metro Rail System into the Hills Corridor, which links these suburbs to the CBD and encourages more tenants to relocate northwest, even if they work in the city.

Furthermore, the Norwest Business District, which is home to the headquarters of major national businesses like Woolworths and Resmed, has a significant beneficial impact on the Hills Shire, making it a desirable investment location.

Within the Hills Shire Council, the finest suburbs for an investment property in Sydney are: 

  • Castle Hill 
  • Rouse Hill 
  • Box Hill 
  • Kellyville

Let’s take a closer look at each of these areas now.

Castle Hill 

Castle Hill is part of the Hills Shire Council’s southeastern region, which covers 16.68 square kilometers. Castle Hill is mostly populated by couples without children and small families that live in single-family homes. Visit to read about Castle Hill Library.

Castle Hill, on the other hand, has a good number of medium and high-density homes, such as duplexes and apartment complexes, which provide chances for investors.

  • Number of people: 36,399
  • Households of Couples with Children: 49.7% 
  • Population Density: 2,178 persons per square kilometer
  • Average monthly mortgage payment: $2,600 
  • Average weekly rental price: $550-649

According to projections, the number of Castle Hill homes will expand from 2,653 in 2011 to 7,460 in 2036, indicating that there will be plenty of opportunities to buy an investment property in Sydney’s Castle Hill.

In addition, Castle Hill is predicted to have three times the number of employees in 2036 as it had in 2011. As a result, there’s a significant likelihood that in the next years, tenants will rush to Castle Hill to live and work.

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